Military Planning and Conduct Capability

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Basic Facts

The Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) is a permanent operational headquarters, part of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS). It has been created the same year as the EUMS in 2017. It is based in Brussels, Belgium and it is under control of the General Director of the EUMS, the French Admiral Hervé Bléjean.

Main Tasks and Goals

As part of the EUMS, the MPCC operates at the military strategic level for non-executive military missions of the EU. It provides the building up, deployment, sustaining and recovery of European Union’s forces. Moreover, it produces reports for the Political and Security Committee (PSC) and it keeps updated the EU Military Committee about the whole EUMS actions. 

Since its creation, it works with the NATO to ensure tighter military cooperation between the European Union and the North Atlantic allies.

Current Role

The MPCC conducts three EU training missions: in Central African Republic (EUTM RCA), in Mali (EUTM MALI) and in Somalia  (EUTM SOMALIA). 


As the EUMS, the establishment of the MPCC has been cheered by European Defence cooperation supporters. Its role is fundamental to support the foreign action of the European Union because it ensures a tighter cooperation among various European military organisms and it works to give a more coherent action with the NATO too. 

Despite its limited action and staff (30 employees), the European member states have understood the MPCC potential. They are working on extending the MPCC missions into executive one (operations with combat elements) and on giving new powers, such as planning and conducting non-executive missions. 


In conclusion, the MPCC contributes to the development of a European defence cooperation, and it helps the EU by ensuring better its non-executive missions in Somalia, Mali and Central African Republic.

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